5. La storia della Arcana Famiglia (2011)

Inside Amnesia , the feminine protagonist gets into an accident which leads to memory losings – and that the term. For many who contrast Amnesia with other otome online game, you are going to understand that it has some in the course of time different factors. The five pathways sustain virtually no resemblance since the each of them takes place in a multiple universe. Zero a few paths may be the exact same.

A man characters within the Amnesia for each depict a match out of a beneficial deck out of casino poker http://datingmentor.org/pl/wildbuddies-recenzja/ notes . Shin signifies Hearts, Ikki stands for Spades, Kent stands for Nightclubs, Toma stands for Diamonds, and you may Ukyo signifies the Joker. The fresh new fit you select in the beginning of the games determines just who you’ll get so far.

The sole preferred most important factor of every 5 paths would be the fact that the girls head must read different events in order to patch together the lady destroyed memory.

You will gamble since the Felicita, new diglia, an organization situated in Regalo. Felicita was a powerful-willed and you will separate females exactly who does not want to have the lady life felt like on her behalf.

Mondo, but not, has made a decision to retire and you can hands their updates out to anyone he deems worthwhile thanks to a battle called Arcana Duello , where potential candidates fight both to help you arise winning. The new winner of Arcana Duello are certain to get step 3 anything supplied so you can them – the best review about organization, a unique request, and you can Felicita as the a partner.

Felicita joins the contest toward purpose to win in order that she will figure her own coming. From the situations that lead doing Arcana Duello, Felicita will grow closer to eight individuals – the type Liberta, the fresh chill Nova, the brand new flirtatious Debito, the brand new protective Luca, the fresh new warm and you will trustworthy Dante, the brand new crafty Jolly, and Pace, who has got superhuman stamina.

This new persistence out-of Felicita and her bravery when deciding to take fees out of her very own lives have a tendency to resonate having female that do nothing like having their paths selfishly decided in their mind.

6. Meiji Tokyo Renka (2013)

Meiji Tokyo Renka is actually a popular otome video game that started out due to the fact a cellular online game in advance of being ported out to PlayStation Cellphone (PSP) and you will Playstation Vita because of the video game creator Broccoli. Which historic relationship online game features suave male letters in the Meiji Time as you are able to like hobbies.

You will enjoy given that younger Mei Ayazuki , whom go out travel back once again to the newest Meiji Months that fateful evening, during the an effective lunar eclipse. She suffers from amnesia adopting the abrupt date take a trip it is generated aware of this lady unique capability to connect to the new supernatural. That it function comes in convenient whenever she tries to assist the different men in various issues.

Due to the fact Mei, you get the ability to be close up and personal six you’ll be able to love passions – the brand new mystical Ougai Mori, the aesthetic Shunsou Hishida, the newest artist Otojirou Kawakami, the writer Kyouka Izumi, the fresh katana -wielding Gorou Fujita, and you can Yakumo Koizumi, who would supernatural research.

As the she develops attached to the members of new Meiji Point in time, she’ll have to come to a decision – forever stay in Meiji or return to the girl actual schedule. Through this games, you can plunge towards the earlier in the day and you may sense just what it is such as for instance to interact to the historical rates you hear about inside instructions.

7. Haruka: Outside the Blast of Time (2000)

Haruka: Outside the Stream of Date was modified on the manga out of a comparable name from the Tohko Mizunois. It is the earliest otome video game, therefore, the artwork looks a tiny old.

Regarding the online game, you suppose new role out-of Akane Motomiya, the feminine protagonist. She is believed to be the Priestess of your own Dragon God, who’ll result in salvation.

Early in the online game, Akane along with her family relations, Tenma Morimura, and you can Shimon Nagereyama, is instantly teleported so you’re able to a location entitled Kyo, about Heian Point in time. Truth be told there, they are told by the Superstar Clan of their future just like the the newest Priestess and you will members of this new Hachiyo – chosen boys exactly who strive to guard Kyo regarding worst forces – correspondingly.

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