This may seem like an obvious point, but there are many students who take the IELTS speech test without knowing what to expect at all.

The speech test is divided into three parts and lasts between 11-14 minutes in total.

Part 1 lasted about 4-5 minutes and you will be questioned about yourself and your family. The examiner can also ask you about your local city, your job or studies, your family, or your interests. This section is designed to help you relax and start talking naturally about topics that are familiar to you.

In Part 2 you will be given a card with a title on it. The card will have a list of points to talk about. You are given one minute to read the card, make notes and think about what to say. You will need to speak within 1-2 minutes on this topic. The examiner will not ask you questions or help you in any way when you speak. Please refer to our section 2 response strategy, should you require further assistance in this regard.

Part 3 is the most invisible part of the speech test and students often find it a great challenge. The examiner will ask you questions about the topic you mentioned in section 2 and this section lasts between 4-5 minutes. The examiner can assess your ability to talk about the past, present, or future, give your opinion, talk about situations of consideration, compare and contrast or evaluate someone else’s opinion.

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