When you are Lucy are shedding the battle to Flare, Natsu’s higher level hearing allows your to listen one to <a href="https://datingranking.net/fatflirt-review/">http://www.datingranking.net/fatflirt-review/</a> Flare is cheating

Lucy awakens so you’re able to Wendy and you can Carla informing the girl of what actually is going on regarding the contest and therefore Natsu do started and get a hold of the lady before his fits

After Lucy’s loss to Flare Corona, she cries because of the anger one to she shed. Natsu can there be so you’re able to encourage the girl plus held out their give, proclaiming that which have no issues makes it fun and that they carry out transform it around from that point on. He together with told Lucy to keep the fresh new rips getting when they profit. Lucy answers of the claiming exactly how she actually is now fired up. Afterwards, when she was at the fresh new medical center because of numerous injuries, Natsu is among the first people that observed she wasn’t there, including Wendy and you may Porlyusica.

Whenever Lucy is actually providing a bath shortly after the girl loss to Flare, Natsu quickly turned into up to and you can told you “I will go check into this lady,” ultimately causing Elfman claiming the guy are unable to. Natsu at first cannot understand this, but realizes just before they are dropped by Erza, stopping him off peeping. At the same time, when Lucy forgotten one another fits facing Flare and Minerva, Natsu is supposedly the first one to getting at the lady front side, plus rested this lady head on his lap.

Grand Miracle Online game Arch [ ]

Towards the 4th Go out, Lucy requested to sign up Naval Battle to make up for her failings into First-day. Lucy survives assault after attack about almost every other opposition, particularly, Juvia, and eventually, she and you may Minerva will be just ones left in the water, invoking the 5 minute rule. Even with their most readily useful jobs, Lucy is actually brutalized and tortured of the Minerva, whom uses her for example. She in addition to does not want to let Lucy leave effortlessly when you’re disqualified. Adopting the five-minute laws is more than, Minerva retains Lucy beyond your fields, battered and busted, from inside the a beneficial trophy-such style, ahead of losing her to your crushed below. Thankfully, Natsu and Grey went on the really stands and you can caught Lucy moments before she involved to hit a floor. Once the Lucy will be addressed by Wendy and Chelia, Natsu, full of outrage, nearly periods Minerva it is dropped by all of those other Sabertooth guild as well as Erza.

After becoming pulled to the infirs, Lucy apologizes to everyone. Rather visitors encourages this lady placing comments on a good she performed and you may she drops sleep carrying the woman techniques. Once Makarov tells him or her that they’re going to have to combine the fresh teams to your four members, Natsu stacks up resentful saying that he’s going to rating payback to have Lucy and that he wouldn’t forgive them to have laughing on their buddy. Once the the new Fairy End requires industry Lucy wants getting folk so it can have the most of the.

Prior to Natsu and you will Gajeel’s fight the Sabertooth mages, Sting and you can Rogue, Natsu went to Lucy to see if she is actually impact people most readily useful. Lucy requires if the his suits try next and he says that it’s and that he’d earn they certainly. Prior to Natsu leftover, Lucy informed Natsu one to she thinks into the your and constantly got ever since she joined this new guild. When he minds aside, he requires Wendy and you can Carla to carry out the lady. Prior to the battle begins anywhere between Natsu and you can Gajeel against. Pain and Rogue, Lucy is seen smiling and you will whispering Natsu’s term inside her bed.

After Natsu and you can Gajeel’s fight with the fresh dual dragons from Sabertooth, Gajeel provides them to good dragon graveyard below the stadium where they come across Yukino and you can Arcadios, which says that he want the help of a beneficial Celestial Heart Mage due to their Eclipse investment. Natsu immediately faces your and requires to know as to the reasons the guy requires that. After, the group discovers in regards to the Eclipse investment and its own purpose, but was indeed interrupted if the Fiore military pertains to stop both Lucy and you will Yukino. Lucy angrily fights up against they and you may Natsu tries to save yourself their, however, his secret is actually drained by the Eclipse entrance including the remaining almost every other Fairy Tail mages and you can he could be dumped of palace. Whenever Lucy are captured, Natsu try surely concerned about their and each second he simply wished to break right into the newest castle and you may conserve the girl. Regardless of this, Erza plus the someone else fastened him down to prevent a world.

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