Ielts Academic Writing Task 2 Sample 16

Many people argue that companies and private individuals should be allowed to sponsor schools in exchange for advertising. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In the contemporary landscape of education, the idea of allowing companies and private individuals to sponsor schools in exchange for advertising has sparked a significant debate.

While some argue that this practice brings substantial benefits, others raise concerns about potential drawbacks. This essay will delve into both sides of the argument, ultimately asserting that the advantages of sponsorship often outweigh the disadvantages.

To begin with, proponents of allowing sponsorship point to the tangible benefits it can offer to schools. Firstly, financial support from companies can inject much-needed resources into educational institutions.

This infusion of funds can be directed towards upgrading facilities, providing modern equipment, and supporting extracurricular activities, all of which enhance the overall learning experience for students.

For example, a company sponsoring a school might contribute towards building a state-of-the-art science lab or funding scholarships for deserving students who may not otherwise have access to higher education. Secondly, sponsorship can create valuable partnerships between schools and businesses, leading to enhanced educational opportunities. 

On the other hand, opponents of school sponsorship raise valid concerns about potential negative impacts. One major worry is the influence that corporate entities might have on the curriculum or school policies.

There is a risk that sponsors could prioritize their interests over educational objectives, leading to biased or skewed teaching materials. For instance, a sponsor from the fast-food industry might subtly promote unhealthy eating habits through sponsored materials or events.

Furthermore, there are concerns about equity and fairness, particularly regarding the exposure of students to advertising. Critics argue that vulnerable students, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds, might be disproportionately targeted by marketing campaigns within schools.

This could potentially exacerbate social inequalities and create an environment where a student’s worth is measured by their purchasing power.

In conclusion, the advantages of allowing companies and private individuals to sponsor schools often outweigh the potential disadvantages. The financial support, enhanced educational opportunities, and additional resources brought by sponsorships can significantly benefit students and institutions. 

Note: This is a sample answer, and various viewpoints and sentences can be used to address the question.