Ielts GT Writing Task 1 Sample 21

You live in a residential area where traffic congestion has become a major issue. Write a letter to the local council expressing your concerns. In your letter, you should:

  • Describe the traffic problems you have observed in your area (such as frequent gridlocks or safety hazards).
  • Explain how these issues affect the residents’ daily lives and safety.
  • Propose some solutions or improvements that the council could implement to alleviate the traffic problems.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to bring to your attention the escalating issue of traffic congestion in our residential area, specifically along North Dock Lane and its surrounding roads. The growing number of vehicles and the resulting gridlocks have become a significant concern for the residents of our community.

The traffic problems in our area have reached a critical point, with frequent gridlocks during peak hours making it incredibly challenging for residents to commute to work, school, or run daily errands.

The impact of this traffic congestion extends beyond mere inconvenience, it significantly affects the daily lives and safety of the residents in our community. Commuting to work or school has become a daunting task, with long delays causing stress and affecting productivity.

Parents worry about their children walking or biking to school amidst the chaotic traffic, as the lack of proper pedestrian crossings poses a serious safety hazard.

In light of these challenges, I urge the council to consider implementing several solutions to alleviate the traffic problems in our area.

Firstly, enhancing public transportation services with increased frequency and expanded routes could encourage more residents to rely on buses or trains, thereby reducing the number of private vehicles on the road.

Additionally, the installation of traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, roundabouts, or chicanes along the main roads could help regulate traffic flow and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Furthermore, the introduction of dedicated cycling lanes would not only promote a healthier mode of transportation but also reduce congestion on the roads. Lastly, increased monitoring and enforcement of traffic regulations by local law enforcement could deter reckless driving behavior and ensure smoother traffic flow.

I strongly believe that by implementing these proposed solutions, our community can experience a significant improvement in traffic management and safety. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated, and I hope to see positive changes that benefit all residents in our neighborhood.

Yours faithfully,

Katie Holmes