Ielts GT Writing Task 1 Sample 28

You have noticed some problems with the public transportation system in your city. Write a letter to the local government, outlining the issues you have observed and suggesting possible solutions. Include specific examples and reasons for your suggestions.

Dear Sir,

I am reaching out to address pressing issues within our city’s public transportation system. Currently, the system faces significant challenges such as frequent delays, overcrowded buses, and a lack of accessibility for disabled individuals.

For instance, Route 25 consistently experiences overcrowding during peak hours, leading to prolonged wait times and discomfort for passengers. Moreover, the absence of ramps at bus stops poses a considerable barrier for wheelchair users, limiting their ability to utilize public transport effectively.

Furthermore, cleanliness and maintenance are areas that require immediate attention. Buses and stations often appear unkempt, which not only affects the overall commuter experience but also leaves a negative impression.

It is essential to enhance the frequency of cleaning and maintenance efforts to create a more pleasant environment for all passengers. To address these issues effectively, I propose implementing a more robust scheduling system to reduce delays, installing ramps at all bus stops for accessibility, and increasing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance efforts.

These steps will undoubtedly improve the efficiency, inclusivity, and overall quality of our city’s public transportation system.

I urge you to consider these suggestions seriously to ensure a better commuting experience for all residents. By addressing these challenges, we can create a more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable public transport system that benefits the entire community.


Daniel Lee