Ielts GT Writing Task 1 Sample 47

You recently traveled by public transportation and encountered some issues during your journey, such as delays or overcrowding. Write a letter to the transportation authority, Include:

  • Detailing your experience. 
  • Expressing your concerns. 
  • Offer suggestions for improving the service to ensure a better experience for passengers in the future.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to share some concerns I faced during a recent journey on your public transportation system. As a regular commuter, I appreciate the convenience it offers, but my last trip didn’t meet expectations.

Last Saturday’s journey encountered significant delays, leading to overcrowded platforms and trains. Consequently, I couldn’t board the initial trains due to overcrowding, causing further delays and frustration. Once aboard, the train was uncomfortably packed, raising safety and hygiene worries.

While I understand delays and overcrowding happen, improvements are needed. Firstly, better communication of delays can aid passenger planning. Increasing train capacity or frequency during peak hours could alleviate overcrowding. Upgrading infrastructure and prioritizing cleanliness would enhance the overall experience.

Implementing these suggestions could improve service quality and passenger comfort. Thank you for considering my feedback. I hope proactive steps will be taken to enhance the public transportation experience.


Phoebe Ball