Ielts GT Writing Task 1 Sample 56

You are planning to apply for a visa to visit another country and need to provide a letter of invitation from a host. Write a letter to a friend or family member in the destination country requesting them to provide a letter of invitation for your visa application. Include: 

  • Details such as the purpose and duration of your visit.
  • Your relationship to the host.
  • Any additional information required for the invitation letter.

Dear Joseph,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to request your assistance in providing a letter of invitation for my visa application to visit Canada.

The purpose of my visit is to explore the country as a tourist, and I plan to stay for approximately 2 months. I am hopeful that your letter of invitation will strengthen my visa application and facilitate a smooth approval process.

In addition to the standard information required for the invitation letter, including your full name, address, and contact details, I kindly request that you also include details about our relationship and the purpose of my visit. Providing any additional supporting documentation, such as proof of your citizenship or residency status in Canada, may also be helpful for my visa application.

Your support in providing the letter of invitation would be greatly appreciated, and I am confident that your endorsement will significantly contribute to the success of my visa application.

Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know if you need any further information or documentation from my end to facilitate the process.

Looking forward to your positive response and hopefully our reunion in Canada soon.

Warm regards,

Betty Robinson