Ielts GT Writing Task 1

You are going to teach English to your friend’s child. Write a letter to your past English teacher to ask if you can borrow some books from him/her. In your letter

  • Tell your teacher about the child;
  • Say when and where you will teach the child;
  • Explain what books you would like to borrow.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am reaching out to you as my former English teacher with a special request. I have recently taken up the task of teaching English to my friend’s child, and I believe your collection of English books would greatly benefit our learning sessions. Therefore, I am kindly asking if I could borrow some books from you for this purpose.

The child I will be teaching is a bright and enthusiastic learner, eager to enhance their English language skills. Our lessons will take place twice a week, in the evenings, at my friend’s house. I am excited to assist the child in their language development journey and provide them with a solid foundation in English.

In order to create engaging and interactive lessons, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in lending me some English books from your collection. Specifically, I am looking for age-appropriate reading materials and grammar guides suitable for intermediate-level learners. These resources will play a crucial role in supplementing our lessons and exposing the child to diverse language concepts.

I understand the value of the resources you possess and assure you that I will handle them with utmost care and return them promptly upon completion of our teaching sessions. Your support and generosity in this matter would contribute significantly to the child’s language learning experience, and I am grateful for any assistance you can provide.

Looking forward to your positive response and the opportunity to utilize your valuable English books to facilitate effective learning for my friend’s child.

Yours sincerely,
Emily Thompson