Ielts GT Writing Task 2 Sample 1

Traditional ways of living are being lost as modern civilization develops. Is it crucial to maintain our old ways of living?

As modern civilization continues to advance, traditional ways of living are being gradually eroded. The question arises as to whether it is crucial to preserve our old ways of living. In this essay, I will explore the benefits of maintaining certain aspects of traditional ways of living while acknowledging the need for progress and change.

Preserving certain elements of our old ways of living can be valuable in maintaining cultural identity and fostering a sense of belonging. Traditional practices, rituals, and customs often hold deep historical and cultural significance, passing down wisdom, values, and traditions from one generation to the next.

For instance, traditional festivals not only serve as a means of celebration but also help to strengthen social bonds and preserve cultural heritage. By holding onto these traditions, societies can retain a sense of rootedness and continuity, which can contribute to social cohesion and collective identity.

However, it is important to recognize that complete preservation of old ways of living may hinder societal progress and development. Modern civilization brings with it technological advancements, improved healthcare, and access to information that can greatly enhance the quality of life.

Embracing these advancements allows societies to address pressing challenges and improve overall well-being. For example, advancements in medical science have significantly increased life expectancy and reduced mortality rates, positively impacting the lives of millions. Adapting to modern ways of living enables societies to benefit from these advancements while also fostering innovation and economic growth.

In conclusion, while it is important to value and preserve certain aspects of traditional ways of living, it is equally crucial to embrace progress and change for societies to thrive in the modern world.

Note: This is a sample answer, and there can be many other views and sentences used to write the answer.