Ielts GT Writing Task 2 Sample 11

Homeless individuals are a part of most societies. Some individuals believe that giving them money is the greatest way to assist them. What percent would you agree with?

Providing monetary assistance is the most effective way to support homeless individuals who are a prevalent part of society. According to me, while providing money can be a helpful immediate measure, a comprehensive approach involving social services, job training, and housing support is crucial for addressing homelessness effectively. In this essay, I will discuss the merits of giving money to homeless individuals, along with some other solutions.

First of all, giving money to homeless individuals can offer temporary relief by meeting their immediate needs. It can help them access food, clothing, and essential services. Moreover, having a certain level of financial stability can provide a sense of dignity and autonomy.

For instance, homeless individuals may use the funds to secure temporary shelter, purchase essential medications, or meet other urgent needs. However, it is essential to recognize that monetary assistance alone does not address the underlying issues contributing to homelessness.

To tackle homelessness effectively, a comprehensive approach is required. Social services aimed at addressing mental health issues, substance abuse, and providing counseling are crucial for supporting homeless individuals. Additionally, job training and skills development programs can equip them with the necessary tools to secure sustainable employment and regain stability.

Access to affordable housing, through initiatives such as supportive housing or rent subsidies, is also vital to ensure long-term stability and prevent individuals from returning to homelessness.

In conclusion, while providing monetary assistance can offer temporary relief, it is not the most effective solution to address homelessness comprehensively. A multi-faceted approach involving social services, job training, and affordable housing is necessary to tackle the root causes of homelessness and provide long-term support.

Note: This is a sample answer, and there are various perspectives and sentences that can be used to discuss the support for homeless individuals and the effectiveness of providing monetary assistance.