Ielts GT Writing Task 2 Sample 47

In many urban areas, the cost of housing has skyrocketed, making it increasingly difficult for low-income families to afford suitable accommodation. What measures could be taken to address the issue of affordable housing, and to what extent do you think government intervention is necessary?

The escalating housing costs in urban regions have become a pressing concern, rendering it arduous for low-income families to secure adequate housing. This essay will delve into potential solutions to mitigate the issue of affordable housing, evaluating the necessity of government intervention.

While various measures can be implemented to tackle the challenge of affordable housing, including policies to regulate housing prices and incentives for affordable housing developments, the extent of government intervention remains a contentious issue.

This essay will first discuss the importance of implementing policies to regulate housing prices and the significance of incentivizing affordable housing developments. Subsequently, it will explore arguments both in favor of and against extensive government intervention in addressing the issue of affordable housing.

One effective measure to combat the issue of affordable housing is the implementation of policies aimed at regulating housing prices. By imposing caps on rental increases and introducing rent control measures, governments can prevent exploitative practices by landlords, thereby ensuring housing remains affordable for low-income families. Additionally, strict enforcement of anti-speculation laws can deter property speculation, stabilizing housing prices and fostering a more equitable housing market.

Another crucial aspect in addressing the affordability crisis is the promotion of affordable housing developments through various incentives. Governments can provide subsidies and tax breaks to developers who allocate a percentage of their projects to affordable housing units. Furthermore, streamlining regulatory processes and reducing construction costs can encourage private developers to invest in affordable housing projects, expanding the supply of affordable housing options.

In conclusion, while implementing measures such as regulating housing prices and incentivizing affordable housing developments can alleviate the affordability crisis to some extent, the necessity of government intervention remains a subject of debate. Nevertheless, concerted efforts by both governmental and non-governmental entities are imperative to ensure access to affordable housing for all segments of society.

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