Ielts GT Writing Task 4

You recently took a trip with a taxi company. The driver behaved in an unacceptable way and you had a lot of problems. You complained to the company but no one has replied to your complaint. Write a letter to the taxi company. In your letter

  • Say why you are writing and how you feel
  • Explain what happened
  • Tell them what you would like them to do.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Mr. ________

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to express my deep disappointment and concern regarding the recent experience I had with one of your taxi drivers. Despite submitting a complaint through your company’s designated channels, I have not received any response or acknowledgment. I am reaching out once again to bring attention to the incident and to request appropriate action.

During my trip on March 24th with the taxi driver named Mr. Robert Johnson, I encountered several issues that significantly affected my journey. Firstly, Mr. Johnson exhibited highly unprofessional behavior throughout the ride, including rude and offensive language directed towards me. His disrespectful conduct created an uncomfortable and distressing atmosphere, which I believe is unacceptable for any professional service provider.

Additionally, I encountered numerous problems with the overall service. The driver took an unnecessarily long route, resulting in an inflated fare that was significantly higher than the usual rates for the same distance. Moreover, the vehicle itself was in poor condition, with an uncomfortable seating arrangement and an unpleasant odor.

In light of these experiences, I kindly request that your company takes immediate action to address this matter. Firstly, I expect a formal response to my initial complaint, acknowledging the incident and providing an explanation for the lack of communication thus far. Furthermore, I urge you to investigate the conduct of Mr. Robert Johnson and take appropriate measures to ensure that such behavior is not repeated with other customers. Finally, I believe it is necessary to review your customer service protocols to ensure prompt and effective handling of complaints, as the current lack of response reflects poorly on your company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

It is my hope that you will uphold the reputation of your taxi company by addressing customer concerns and implementing measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Mary Jane