Ielts GT Writing Task 5

You are a member of a sports center and you have noticed a problem which has not been fixed for some time. Write a letter to the manager of the gym. In your letter

  • Tell the manager about the problem
  • Explain how this issue is affecting your experience at the gym 
  • Tell the manager what you would like to happen

Dear Mr. Davis,

I am writing to bring to your attention a persistent issue that has been affecting my experience as a member of our esteemed sports center. Specifically, I have noticed an ongoing problem that, despite its significance, has not been addressed for quite some time. I would appreciate your attention to this matter to ensure the optimal functioning of our gym facilities.

The problem I would like to highlight is the malfunctioning air conditioning system in the weightlifting area. For several weeks now, the air conditioning has been unreliable, resulting in inadequate ventilation and an uncomfortable workout environment. The lack of proper airflow has led to increased discomfort, especially during intense workout sessions, which negatively impacts the overall exercise experience for gym members like myself.

To maintain the integrity of our gym and provide an optimal environment for physical activity, I kindly request that the air conditioning system in the weightlifting area be promptly repaired or replaced. By rectifying this issue, we can ensure a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for members to pursue their fitness goals without unnecessary distractions or discomfort.

I trust that you will take the necessary steps to resolve the air conditioning problem in a timely manner. Your swift action would greatly enhance the gym experience for all members and reinforce our shared commitment to maintaining a top-notch sports center.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Johnson