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IELTS International English Language Testing System

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What is the first question about IELTS that arises in your head when you hear someone going abroad? Perhaps, out of the myriad of questions, one that comes first is definitely about IELTS.

The shed load of talks and worries about how, why, what and possibly all the interrogations that this test carries along is naturally obvious.

For anyone who dreams to settle abroad, IELTS turns out to be a game changer, which if prepared properly and timely can help you not only boost your scores but also your confidence in triumphing over the queen’s language!

Worry not! This article brings to you the various facets, right from WHAT IS IELTS to WAYS TO SCORE A GOOD SCORE in IELTS. Let’s get started


  • IELTS is an english language proficiency test primarily used in line with work and/or study abroad aspirants. It is a high stakes, standardized test that aims to judge and evaluate a person’s fluency in English. This test can get you to countries wherein English is the primary or native language, such as, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand and Australia.
  • IELTS tests and appraises your ability to read, write, speak and understand English on a scale of 1-9.
  • It is quite obvious for a person to develop his or her competence in the skills that would act as prerequisites for one’s survival. Language, in that context serves to be one must-have. Just on a corresponding line, communication is one block that unblocks one’s way to successfully be adept to the environment.
  • Shedding light on the same, IELTS becomes a valuable indicator towards a person’s understanding and knowledge of the english language. In order to work, study or at minimum even live in a dominantly english-speaking nation, this test will go a long way acting as your testimonial.
  • Considering all of the above points, it is of umpteen and unsurpassed importance that you grab your books tenaciously for this can be a turn-table in the contest!

IELTS can be your cup of tea if you keep these points in your head while working towards fulfilling your dream!

  • Make sure you make a strategy that streamlines with the time duration you have for your preparation
  • Prioritize your time – Focus more on areas that you feel require more practice.
  • Practice makes a man perfect – With each day, you will be able to get your hand on the art of reading and skimming through the lengths of the reading material.
  • Vocabulary Building – Regardless to say, words are the repository of marks, with a better vocabulary, one can surely ace not only the writing and comprehension part but also your interview.
  • Podcasts – Make this habit regular, listening to podcasts will definitely help you in ameliorating your listening skills and also the correct pronunciations which have a major role to play in your test.
  • Focus on the score-board – In tests such as the IELTS, it becomes puissant enough that you keep in mind the nexus between the marks and size of questions that each section carries.
  • Be Confident – Last but not the least, one cohesive smile and a confident tone will add another feather to your hat, the cherry on your cake, this is the most important accessory you’ll need that day and even later!

One idiom that correctly defines the needs of the contemporary world is SMART WORK, MORE THAN HARD WORK. It reflects how efficacious and worthwhile it is to not only work die-hardly for acing the exam but also working smartly that can help you prepare better and score even better! Hoping that you get your fair share of bands, Good Luck!

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