Ielts Speaking Task Sample 7

Part 1: Introduction and Interview

  • Topic 1: Furniture

Do you enjoy shopping for furniture?

Yes, I do enjoy shopping for furniture. It’s always exciting to explore different styles and designs to find the perfect pieces for my home.

What type of furniture do you prefer, modern or traditional?

I prefer modern furniture because of its sleek and minimalist design. It fits well with my taste and the overall aesthetic of my living space.

Have you ever bought furniture online?

Yes, I have bought furniture online. It’s convenient and provides a wide range of options to choose from.

How often do you rearrange the furniture in your home?

I like to rearrange the furniture in my home every few months to give the space a fresh look and feel.

What kind of furniture is essential in a living room?

In a living room, essential furniture includes a comfortable sofa, coffee table, and TV stand. These create a cozy and functional space for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Topic 2: Shopping

Do you enjoy shopping? Why or why not?

Yes, I enjoy shopping, especially for clothing and accessories. It’s a fun way to express my style and update my wardrobe.

How often do you go shopping?

I go shopping about once a week. Sometimes it’s for groceries, and other times, it’s for clothes or household items.

Do you prefer shopping in physical stores or online?

I prefer a mix of both. Shopping in physical stores allows me to see and try the products, while online shopping offers convenience and a broader selection.

What do you usually buy when you go shopping?

When I go shopping, I usually buy clothing, shoes, and accessories. I also enjoy picking up decorative items for my home.

How do you feel about shopping malls?

I enjoy shopping malls as they provide a one-stop destination for various stores and entertainment options.

Part 2: Cue Card

Describe a memorable event you attended, such as a wedding or a concert. Please say:

  • What was the event?
  • When and where did it happen?
  • Who did you attend the event with?
  • Explain why this event was so memorable for you.


One of the most memorable events I attended was a music concert of my favorite band. The concert took place last summer in a large stadium in the city. I attended it with a group of close friends, and it was an unforgettable experience.

The excitement for the concert had been building for weeks leading up to the event. Finally, the day arrived, and we all gathered at the stadium, buzzing with anticipation. The atmosphere was electric, with fans from all walks of life coming together to celebrate the music we love.

As the concert began, the lights dimmed, and the band took the stage to roaring applause. The energy in the stadium was palpable, and we were all swept away by the music. They played all of their hit songs, and the crowd sang along with every word.

The best part of the night was the sense of camaraderie among the fans. We were all connected by our shared love for the band and their music. Strangers became friends, dancing and singing together as if we had known each other for years.

During one of the songs, the lead singer made eye contact with me and smiled, and it felt like a special moment just for me. It added a personal touch to the experience, making it even more memorable.

The concert felt like a journey of emotions, from joyous highs to reflective moments. It was an escape from the stresses of daily life, and for those few hours, we were all united in the magic of music.

After the concert ended, my friends and I couldn’t stop talking about it on our way home. We were filled with euphoria and a sense of gratitude for being part of such an incredible event.

This concert was so memorable because it wasn’t just about the music; it was about the shared experience, the connections made with fellow fans, and the unforgettable moments we created together. It reinforced my belief in the power of music to bring people together and create lasting memories.

Part 3: Discussion

How does attending live events like concerts impact people’s emotions?

Attending live events like concerts can have a profound impact on people’s emotions. The energy and atmosphere of the event can evoke joy, excitement, and a sense of belonging, fostering positive emotional experiences.

In what ways do live events contribute to the music industry and artists?

Live events contribute significantly to the music industry and artists. They provide a major source of income for musicians, promote their albums and merchandise, and help build a loyal fanbase.

What are the advantages of attending live events over watching performances online?

Attending live events offers a unique and immersive experience that cannot be replicated online. The interaction with the audience, the energy of the crowd, and the spontaneity of live performances add a special dimension to the experience.

How can live events promote tourism in a city or country?

Live events can attract visitors from different places, promoting tourism in a city or country. Tourists often plan their trips around attending concerts, festivals, or other events, which benefits local businesses and the hospitality industry.

Do you think live events will remain popular in the age of technology and virtual experiences?

Yes, live events will continue to be popular because of the authentic and social experiences they offer. While technology provides convenience, it cannot replicate the excitement and emotional connection that come from attending live events.