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IELTS: A Hope to Shine

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IELTS: We have seen your friends and neighbours going abroad for study and working aspects and some have already gone. We have listened from them that including all other things there is one thing very important for going abroad, which is IELTS.

IELTS is simply formed as an “International English Language Testing System”. With the name we can understand that it is a standardised test estaiblished internationally to assess the English Language proficiency of those individuals who are off-shore to those countries whose native language is English.

It has been managed by the British Council, IDP which has IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English since 1989. It is the most adaptable English-Language test across the globe and appreciated by the academic institutions of Australia, England, Canada, Europe, etc.

Except for this more than 3000 institutes in America have accepted this test and also by other professional organizations around the world. The analyzing characteristics of this system varies from non-user to expert user.

There are two domains in IELTS:

• IELTS Academics – For those individuals, who are applying to pursue higher studies in such countries whose native language is English.

 IELTS General Training – This is for such individuals who are willing to migrate abroad not only for studies but for work, any type of experience ad well as an internship.

Both the segments include the same type of sections and it is very important to the applicant to be aware of these sections before attempting the actual exam.

Those sections are:
First of all, the candidate has to face a listening test, which includes four sections having 40 items, and the time barriers are 30 minutes. Then they will face academic reading and general training reading test, which includes three sections having 30 items each and the given time will be 30 minutes.

Also for academic writing as well as for general training writing test, there are two tasks of 150 & 250 words with a running time of 60 minutes. The last one is the speaking test, where one should have to give answers verbally to the given tasks. This section will be of 11-14 minutes.

IELTS score has been configured in the form of figure bands. These bands varried in the chain from 0 to 9 and the result is based upon the organization’s criteria.

Eg: If any university demands that if any individual wants to get admission in that university should need get the bands between 6 to 8. Hence the applicant has to give the test accordingly so that he/she can cross the score benchmark of that specific university to get the admission easily.

There are more than 1100 exam centres around the world assigned for IELTS Exam. After qualifying this exam, the score you got has the validity of two years. If any youngster is looking to migrate abroad for future studies of work also should have to crack the IELTS exam.

For this, he/she have to visit nearby institutions for the practice of this exam. There is also another beneficial and affordable solution is online training. Various online platforms are offering the best services and practice tasks so one can get aware of the syllabus of IELTS and practice daily at anywhere and anytime.

Grab this opportunity, Wish you all the best!

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